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Hire to Win

 Results Based Recruitment®

Your 1-year hiring guarantee for pre- and post-hire success

► Would a proven process that provides a 92% probability of hiring success and a 1-year guarantee on recruiting placements benefit your team?

► Can you image a recruitment process and partner that continues 1-year past the start date of new employees to ensure the success of all new hires?

►Today organizations live in a glass pressure cooker with the heat turned on high. The pressure to perform is relentless. An effective sales team provides you with your strongest sustainable competitive advantage.

► Hire To WinResults Based Recruitment® is a data-based process that enables both employer and employee to objectively assess if there is both a job and cultural fit. This eliminates for everyone the mistakes generated by relying on first impressions, subjective criteria, and "gut" feel.

► Reduce the probability of:

A new employee saying, "This is not the job I accepted and expected."
An employer stating, "This is not the person I hired or expected."

Most Recent Team Building Successes

► Partnered with Fortune 500 client adding 20+ sales professionals to one team propelling them from $50 to $270 million in revenue.
►Added 14 members into a highly competitive industry, instrumental in supporting company-wide growth from $250 to $450 million in revenue over a 2 year period.

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The mission of The HTW Group is to:

•  Introduce impact players to opportunities that will enhance their careers
•  Introduce our clients to the impact players who will enhance their business

In both cases, the objective is to Hire To Win™ (HTW) in today's competitive global marketplace.

Types of Positions
(Contract Staffing & Direct Hire)

  • Business Development 
  • Engineers (chemical, electrical, industrial, mechanical)
  • Executives (Director, VP, General Manager) 
  • Junior Military Officers (JMOs)
  • Key Account Managers (Corporate Accounts) / National Account Managers
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Operations 
  • Research and Development (chemists, engineers, applications, formulation, synthesis, etc.) 
  • Sales